Saturday, March 07, 2009

I'm back!

I'm back! Going on Safari in the wilds of Africa and seeing the Amazon Rain forest was beyond my wildest dreams. And still is!!! I wish I could use the excuse of these travels as a reason why I'm not keeping up with my blog. But no excuses for me. The extent of my safari is my studio full of Orchid plants and a small zoo of pets all of which are considered family members.
I intend to make a blog entry once a week or may I never step foot in Africa or the Amazon.
(In this lifetime!)
I've spent the final months of 2008 working on making ACEOs or Art Cards, Editions & Originals and trying to improve traffic to my eBay store. (link at right)
By February of 2009 I was able to begin work on a couple of new smaller paintings. One is a commissioned piece of King Penguins titled, 'The King and the Prince', being shipped to PA this week. Another is of the Queen Parrotfish which the new owner of this painting found captivating on her trip to Aruba. I am currently working on three other paintings which I will keep you posted on. I'll be back after my next adventure!

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