Monday, January 07, 2013

If it weren't for today's post you might think that the Myans were mostly right and the world as we know it ended earlier than scheduled. My last post was on September 10, 2012. Then NOTHING............

Alas, here we are as well as another post from yours truly.  
Last year handed me a very busy art schedule which always makes me happy.  It also handed me a very difficult time to come through with the illness and eventual passing of my Mother, my life long supporter.
Throughout our lives together she would ask me, with pride, to never give up on my dream of my pursuit of art.
When she said it to me for the final time as she lay in her hospital room it suddenly gained more meaning that it ever had before as was true of my answer. I told her that I could never give up as it is part of my soul. 
It is who I am.

So, it is with that promise to my mother and myself, today begins a new artistic chapter in my life, not with a dramatic change of subject or media but with a new sense of my artistic freedom to share my thoughts and images that are important to me and the people that have so strongly influenced the person that I have become.

I will be sharing my work soon.