Friday, January 20, 2012

Relief paintings.

I've been playing around with Light Modeling Paste over the last several months and it's a lot of fun to work with.  This latest piece was a practice for a  larger canvas that I've been working on for an up-coming exhibit in Ferndale, MI. (Feb. 24-April 9).  More to come on that!

This canvas is 8x8 inches and is simply titled "Root Relief". Clever Hugh! This one is priced at $125.00.
Anyway I like the results both on this one and the larger 24x24 inch canvas. 

Friday, January 06, 2012

Catching up

From September 20, 2011
I thought I would bring you up to date on my "goings on" since I haven't posted in over a month.
Here's a run down......
July was Ann Arbor Art Fair.(Terrible weather!)
July 27th - Guest speaker for the Village Fine Arts Association in Milford, MI. (Very nice!)
Two days after was Chelsea Sounds and Sights Festival. (Too Hot!)
August 28th-Painting Demo at the Detroit Institute of Arts, DIA, (Great experience)
September 17th- SCFB Bird Fair in Livonia, MI. (Nice) Love the Birds!
In-between all that was work, work, and more work.

Lady Bug Series

From July 13, 2011
These three paintings are examples of my new Lady Bug Series which will make ther debut at the Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair Next week. July 20-23. These oils are on gallery wrapped canvas, painted on all sides. There are 7 in the series and are affordably priced at $150.00 each. I offer special pricing for the purchase of two or more.

If you are interested in these items prior to July 20th, please contact me and I can send you jpgs of the other 4 paintings.
Otherwise I hope to see you at the art fair!

What a Relief!

From June 7, 2011
This piece which I haven't titled yet was an experiment in relief using light weight modeling paste. This canvas is an 8x8 gallery wrapped canvas where the image extends on all four sides. The coral branch is the relief element which is more evident in person. I applied the modeling paste with a palette knife and sanded it to the desired texture with my Dremel. The fish are actually more of a red-orange.

(This painting has been Sold)

Solo Exhibit at Franklin Grill for MIPA

From June 1, 2011
The Michigan International Professional Association (MIPA) has invited me to exhibit my work at the Franklin Grill in Oakland County from June 2 through July 2, 2011.

The opening of this exhibit begins with the meeting night of the MIPA where I will have the opportunity to meet and speak with members and guests of this group and present and discuss my work.

There will also be a guest speeker to discuss the significane of the green economy

(This painting has been Sold)

Featured artist at Rainbow Feathers Bird Fair

From May 3, 2011
Thanks to all for your kind words and purchases during the Rainbow Feathers Bird Fair in Romulus, Michigan last Saturday. It's always fun for me to do the bird shows being a "Bird" person myself. I had a great time. The image above is an oil painting titled "Eclectus Fantasy" which I held a silent auction for during the fair. With the sale of 3 of my bird paintings this week it looks like I'd better start painting, and fast!
Rainbow Feathers Bird Club

(This painting has been Sold)

Find my work at STARRING, The Gallery.

From April 28, 2011
I'm very pleased to be added to the group of artists represented at STARRING The Gallery.

The above piece titled "Heliconia High Rise" is just one of my original paintings that you'll find at STARRING The Gallery along with a selection of my limited edition reproductions.
This unique gallery, which is full of original one of a kind art, art prints and fine gifts, is located on Main Street in the heart of Northville, Michigan.

Guest Speaker at Artifacts Art Club

As stated in my last blog post I began using the blog attached to my website.  I didn't like it.  It's too lonely over there! I miss my blog "followers" so I'm back.  I'm going to link this bBlogger blog on my web site. 
I'll be pasting some of the posts a made on my website just so you can catch up.

From April 12, 2011
I was invited as guest speaker to lead a critique of members work at the Artifacts Art Club in Livonia, MI. Earlier this month I was given the honor to judge their exhibit for this year. There were so many really nice works of art from this talented group. The above image is a watercolor by Mary Kehoe. She was awarded one of four Merit awards given in this exhibition.

Thank you Artifacts Art Club for another great experience.