Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Work in progress 'Filefish Oasis'

'Filefish Oasis' is the smallest of three paintings I'm currently working on. This is a small canvas, (10x15 inches). The subject began as these very brightly colored fishes in shades of Turquoise with Orangy-yellow spots all over there bodies and are about 4 inches long. The spots will be arriving soon! These fish feed on coral in the warm Pacific waters where reef life is abundant. As I began to imagine the diversity of life that make up their home I decided to pack this small canvas with many colors, shapes and textures. With my larger paintings I usually create a path for the eyes of the viewer to follow but in this case I've enjoyed creating the opposite where the viewers eyes can dart about the landscape resting on particular points of interest. 'Filefish Oasis' will soon be completed and I will post the finished mini-masterpiece by next week.

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