Monday, March 23, 2009

The 'Spots' have arrived!

Well here they are in all their glory. The spots have arrived!
I believed that I have achieved my goal which was to bring attention to the stars of the show, the Orange Spotted Filefish, while I pack the stage with an array of colors and textures that is a feast for the eye of the audience. The fish here are the main attraction but their surroundings are too interesting not to look. The Filefish may be the first thing to catch your eye but you can't stay there for long, scanning around the canvas finding a place to rest the eye and quickly moving on to see more only to arrive back at the filefish.
My work here is done!
Added note: The spots are swimming away just as fast as they arrived. Their new home is in Irvine, California where Holly, (art collector of the sea) lives and where "Filefish Oasis' will proudly hang.
Holly is a previous collector of my work and I am pleased that she has yet again chosen my work to adorn the walls of her unique and colorful space.
Thank you Holly.

1 comment:

Holly said...

Many thanks Tim for your spectacular filefish painting. Your oil painting is just EXQUISITE and the artistry is absolutely first rate! I'm in fishy heaven...MORE FISH PLEASE!

Best fishes always,