Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Michiana Bird Society Fair

                                           (one of my four raffled prints)

I went to Mishawaka, Indiana for the Michiana Bird Society Fair this past Friday and Saturday.  As usual I really enjoyed being around the birds and the event  was very nice.  Thank you Marla and all the society members that I was able to meet and talk with and for your generous hospitality.  
What was not usual was the fact that I was sick with a very b ad respiratory cold during the whole event that I am only now recovering from.  I tried not to appear too obviously ill but don't believe I pulled that off too well. When ever I tried to speak I began hacking and gagging.  It wasn't pretty!  
I can only hope the the raffle of four of my limited edition avian prints were a sucsess for the bird society.

Thank you again, Michiana bird Society, for your invitation to take part in you event.

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