Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Featured Artist at Indiana Bird Fair

Bird fairs are always a lot of fun, if you enjoy birds that is.  Which I do.  They have always been a favorite of mine to watch, interact with and paint. 
I have been a featured artist at several "Bird" events including the Ann Arbor Cage Bird Club in Michigan, the Motor City Bird Expo in Madison Heights, MI and the Rainbow Feathers Bird Club in Romulus, MI.
On the 26th of this month I will be the featured avian artist for the Michiana Bird Society in Mishawaka, Indiana.
Then on April 30th I will be the featured avian artist for the Romulus event.

I will have on hand some of my limited edition reproductions, open edition reproductions,  collectible art cards, bookmarks and a few original paintings.

*This image is now sold as a Limited Edition Reproduction printed on premium 13 x 19 inch paper priced at $35.00.


Barbara Goodsitt said...

I love the painting you feature on this post. It is simply gorgeous!

Lainie said...

Wow! What wonderful news, Tim! They must know quality when they see it...

Tim Marsh said...

Thank you Barbara. This one sold pretty quickly at the A2 Art show last summer. The lady purchased two "Bird" paintings.

Thanks Lainie. Maybe they know a Bird Brain when they see one!!!