Friday, October 29, 2010

"High Society" wins Peoples Choice Award

And this years winner of the Gene Hammonds People's Choice Award is.... Tim Marsh for his Oil Painting titled, "High Society".  The crowd jumped to their feet with thunderous applause.  

Well actually the announcement was much more low key with only a few people in the room and there probably wasn't any applause either ~ but it looked great in my head!

This is my seventh People's Choice Award and my fourth time for this exhibit which was the 18th Annual Canton Fine Arts Exhibition held at the Cherry Hill Theater Gallery.  

It's great placing in an exhibit and having words like "First Place" or "Best of Show" next to your name.  There is usually money that follows closely behind these words which makes , "First" and "Best" even better!

However there is one exception.  A Peoples Choice Award.  Normally there is one Judge handing out his or her choices for the awards but a Peoples Choice Award is a vote from the viewing public.  They represent a collective voice that says we like what you do and for an artist that's a pretty awesome feeling.

So from one voice to the many that voted for my work, 
Thank you all.  

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