Wednesday, October 06, 2010

And The Winner is.........

Thank you to my loyal Followers who have entered my Limited Edition Print Giveaway for October. Please remember that I will give away another print after January 1st of 2011. You can't be the lucky winner if you don't enter! So having said that, The October winner is..............*Kim Ensch* Yay! Hurrah! (Cheers from the crowd). Congratulations Kim! You're the Big winner. Someday you may be able to pay off your house with this. Wishful thinking!
Just go my websites Portfolio page to choose your print.


Kim Ensch said...

I really would treasure the Awakening (Hepatica) print.
Thank you so very much Tim!
I hope to own the original of this intriguing artwork someday. When I have it I still would be unable to pay off my home because I would never sell it!

Anonymous said...

Where can i but these? I honestly love them all!

Tim Marsh said...

Thanks Turtleguy! You can see my work on my website at The
The link is also on my Blog page.