Tuesday, August 12, 2008

'Showy Refuge'

The idea for this piece began a little over one year ago. I wanted to use our northern Showy Orchids for an entry into the Michigan State Fair Fine Arts Competition in Detroit, Michigan. I didn't finish in time. I started the painting and even used it as a demonstration work during the 'Toad in the Hole' invitational show and sale at Devils Ridge Golf Club in November, 2007. The canvas sat on an easel for another eight months. There was a missing element. But what was it? The Showy Orchid is an illusive plant hidden off the beaten path. It needs very specific soil, water and light conditions for growth. They are a rare site. If on that rare day you happen upon a patch of them in full bloom, you will forever hold there beautiful image. Their flowers of rose, pink and white are a burst of drama in a sea of surrounding greens.
In 'Showy Refuge', a fawn was safely placed among the Showy Orchids by her mother until her return. Perhaps the fawns predators would least expect the showiest of all places.
'Showy Refuge' is on exhibit at the 2008 Michigan State Fair Fine Arts Competition August 22 through September 1 . I hope you get the opportunity to see the exhibit. I would be happy to hear your comments.

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