Wednesday, March 01, 2017

2017 ARTPRIZE My entry in progress

This time it's for real! Though I had plans of entering this 6 panel painting into the 2016 ARTPRIZE competition life decided that it wasn't to be. But now, look out ARTPRIZE  2017, here I come!  
There are 6, 5ft x 3 ft canvases that will be butted up to one another so the finished piece will be 5 ft tall and 18 feet long.
As you can see my subject is the coral reef, full of sea life and bright color. At first glance you'll be drawn in to the beauty of the piece however there is an underlying subject that isn't so pretty. We are talking about plastic pollution of our oceans and its effects on sea life. 
I plan to create a 3 dimensional field showcasing the effects of plastic pollution both in front of and above the painting.   
Stay tuned for progress photos!

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