Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tree Top Cafe`

I first posted an "in progress" photo of this painting on April 1st showing only the Giraffe. I explained that the Acacia Tree supplied food for one and shelter for the other. While that is true I began to realize that the tree supplied food and shelter for both creatures. In this painting the "Odd couple" as I referred to them earlier seem to be greeting each other as they might do every day from their favorite eatery. They look so pleased with their choice of food that they look as if they might willingly offer each other a sample. "Tree Top Cafe`" seemed to be a fitting title.


Kristi said...

Tim, I love that you referred to this painting as the "odd couple"! When I saw it, it drew me in. It looks like two very different creatures are saying, "Hey, how's it goin'?" after being surprized to find the other in "their" special place. My favorite thing about this painting is not only the bright, bold colors, but the meaning behind it. We, as humans, could take a lesson from these animals in acceptance.

Jodie said...

You can see, through your art, that animals have deep feelings, as do people.