Thursday, February 25, 2010


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If you Google the term "Eco- Expressionism" you won't fine a suitable explanation for it. It is however a term that seems to be a good fit for the description of my style of work.

The definition of ecosystem is as follows: Living things — and the physical environment in which they live — that form a complex, interconnected web of interactions and relationships.
Each of my paintings represent a window into a specific world. My intentions are to create my visions of a recognizable environment using a vivid palette along with bold shapes, patterns and expressive life forms that nature provides. They are my expressions of reality. You won't find Photo-realism here.
It is the typical trait of Expressionism to present the world under an utterly subjective perspective, distorting it to obtain an emotional effect and vividly transmit personal moods and ideas.

While my intent is not to distort, Eco-Expressionism is my interpretation of the reality of nature as I choose to express it.
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