Monday, January 04, 2010

Plans for 2010

My New Years resolution for this year is to paint more, eat less, exercise more, catch up on my house chores, organize the garage, spend more quality time with all the people that I care about and oh ya, more me time!
Couldn't the Myans have figured out how to stretch a day instead of when time is to end? That would have been more helpful.
But now that I'm watching The Secret as much as I can I'm only thinking of what I can do and not what I can't.
So this is what I can do. I can plan on two new paintings per month. I can have a successful Solo Show at LSG in Ferndale in November. I will finish writing and illustrating my childrens book this year and I will fit in some of that other stuff I mentioned earlier.

Don't say "if". Say "I can". Say "I will".

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