Friday, December 18, 2009

The "Art Prize" Experience.

My good intentions to write about my experience in Grand Rapids for the Art Prize competition took an unscheduled detour. I've developed a serious condition called "Lazy-itis"! I believe I have it under control now so here it is. My time in GR during Art Prize was nothing short of amazing. It is fuel for my soul to be surrounded by other people, "artists", who live creatively. It was seven days of art, art, art. Every kind of art imaginable. Thousands of people emerged into the city to not only partake in the event but become part of the event. While there I fulfilled my scheduled obligations of painting on location in Rosa Park Square as well as the John Ball Zoo during ZooArt Day which was planned around my painting appearance. I spoke with many interested people at these events and enjoyed every minute of it. Each day I gave artist talks to the viewing public At Open Concept Gallery about my painting, "High Society" . While I did not return home the winner of the competition, I did win. My prize was the experience itself and one that I will always cherish.

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