Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Art Prize Competition

Art Prize is being called the biggest art competition ever held. The epicenter of Art Prize is in Grand Rapids, Michigan just a couple hours drive from my home. This venture is backed by the DeVos family for the purpose of bringing more art and culture into the city as well as to help boost the economy.
My entry for this competition will be my largest painting to date which is 36 x 60 inches and titled 'High Society'. The following is a little info about the piece which is in progress.

'High Society' is a private viewing into the world of the Squirrel Monkey living in the Central American rain forest high in the canopy. This painting invites you to step into their world and recognize behaviors and emotions that you thought were reserved for a higher intelligence. If you look closely you might see playfulness, mischievous behavior, anger ,curiosity, security, maternal instincts and bonding. Perhaps love.
As the viewer go's mostly unnoticed by the world in front of them there is the opportunity to examine our own human society and realize that these and other creatures are equally as important as ourselves.

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