Tuesday, March 13, 2007

My Style?

I'm often asked what style my work is. Some people say ," It looks so realistic". I say, "somewhat" and that's intentional. Some say it feels Dream-like or fantasy. I say,"maybe a little". Some tell me it can have a contemporary feel while others see a bit of traditional.
While I do feel that there is a cohesiveness to the over-all body of my work, in that it appears to have been painted by one individual, I personally don't feel that it fits into any one category. At least not one that I've heard of yet. My work does seem to have a touch of all of these elements.
What is clear is that I am drawn to bold, bright colors and strong images. I enjoy the relationship between separate elements or subjects within a scene or even the relationship between the painted subject and the viewer. My personal view is that all life, all living matter, is of equal importance and that is what I intend to portray.

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